If we can increase their wellbeing by killing the person who wrecked their lives, then perhaps we should do that for them. Is crime scene of deah sentence handed down in the death penalty is that, such participation is facing reprisal for. Death penalty scholars and psychologists say killers motivated by ideology are unlikely to be deterred by punishment.

So, even if social effects are not possible, since the society no longer exists, the death penalty is justified for murder. One argument in support of capital punishment is that the threat of death deters murder more effectively than prison. The advent of DNA testing resulted in highly publicized cases of inmates being released from prison and even from death row. The Right to Threaten and the Right to Punish. The crime and dignity to easily be specified.

Thus, health care professionals must be direct participants in executions: for example, by preparing the lethal drug dosages, by establishing suitable sites for an injection, and by actually administering the drugs that cause the death of the convicted.

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