Dental practices must pay for the design, printing, postage, and distribution of direct mail, while email newsletters only require the minor cost of design, content creation and email marketing automation.

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Just promoting your practice is a poor way to use direct mail. Think about your goals and the best way to measure them. Thin content adds little value to your local SEO efforts. Heatmaps improve results for offline and online marketing. Send promo codes or special offers to encourage them to chat. Use these keywords to market your practice and create content. We hope for the best in this case xhr.

Marketing is still make them a few clicks of patient retention rates, or search for direct mail marketing automation also perform even better? Salesforce

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By targeting your marketing campaign to the homes that are most likely to need the dental services you offer, you can increase your likelihood of finding the right new patients for your practice and maximize your advertising investment.

People who have subscribed to your email list will have already signed up to receive information from your dental practice, and your emails will reach their inboxes without interference from postal mishaps or search engine algorithms.

Choose from several different templates that are free of any branding or trademarked imagery, including design assets that we can provide directly to your direct mail materials.. 

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