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The immunity established by this subsection shall not extend to gross negligence, wanton conduct, or intentional wrongdoing that would otherwise be actionable. And please share this information with your OT and PT colleagues. Murff HJ, Forster AJ, Peterson JF, Fiskio JM, Heiman HL, Bates DW. The content knowledge exam listed above is a West Virginia specific exam. Human Resources Seligman Unified School District. ADE, allergies, or infertility.

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Made a statement under penalty of perjury that he or she has not been convicted of a crime which would constitute grounds for the denial of the credential, permit, or certificate applied for.

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If the office receives such written statement, the office shall transmit such written statement to any provider together with the summary report provided pursuant to this section.

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May employ teacher aides and other auxiliary, nonprofessional personnel to assist licensed personnel in the instruction or supervision of children, either in the classroom or at any other place in the school or on the grounds thereof.

UOPX will then email the completed IPV form back to the candidate so the candidate can upload it to their ELMS account along with their License Application. Qualifications for teacher employment, licensure and Certification. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Social Emotional Action Team, and the Health and Safety Action Team. The applicant shall pay the costs of conducting the background check.

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