Place custard cups in steamer basket. Close the lid and bring to high pressure. Only registered users can write reviews. Not rotten pot, but mighty or rich pot! Does anyone use one of these with induction?

The lid can now be easily removed.
It makes a dandy popcorn popper.

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Other than handling a larger device is their any technical reason not to go with a larger pressure cooker even when cooking smaller amounts? Contract Wilson

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Leakage under the pressure regulator? Cast iron skillet handle protectors. Not one that takes up a lot of space. Pressure Cooker Tip: Sling it to lift it! Scald milk and allow to slightly cool. Alle Anweisungen sind durchzulesen.

They have never worked on a Friday yet. KUHN RIKON Only use KUHN RIKON spare parts. Thx for the reminder to check specs. Pleasant Hill Grain, All Rights Reserved. Thank you for enabling push notifications! It can be used on all of them.

Once we followed Niemis advice to tighten the knob until it could no longer turn and we tightened the central nut holding the knob on, reaching and maintaining pressure was no problem.. 

Please note a kuhn rikon pressure cooker instruction manual