Often, people assume this means I do executive coaching, or help people become more successful, or something along those lines. God loves you and Christ died for you. It is an act of WISDOM, as said by Dr.

Why are people so judgmental?
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It is not only unfair to the one being judged, but it blinds the judge to the truth, and blocks out any useful learning and growth. Recently, I noticed one of the pastors at the church I attend is often the one at the door to greet people as they leave the service. Church goes with you wherever you go, and so no matter what you are saying or doing, you are representing Jesus and His church.

When you do meet up, keep your conversations short and focus on superficial things like schoolwork instead of talking about your feelings. Agreement

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It was an experience that soured his day and prompted a discussion about similarly offensive behavior by denizens of this fair city. No sense in letting those things get to you. Is this situation dangerous, or is it safe? God has no gender.

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So Sad how We Claim to be Followers of Christ y Act as If We have Absolutely, Positively No Understanding of Holiness, Oftentimes I wonder about Our not UAlls but Our Salvation.. 

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