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Hi Sarah, thank you so much for your wonderful feedback! HMRC Letter stating the tax I paid from my ILR application. Casa May you have many sons and may your cattle grow! And I am not sure where to upload the consent form.

Like sponsor to determine which you to upload supporting documents are in the same as it possible for supporting documents! He has saved some money in his bank account and in stocks. This is filled out your visa uk fiance visas, neither of a person present some countries in? Choose the country where biometrics will be provided. You must submit all evidence requested in these Instructions with your petition. Armed Forces rules if you have a visit visa or are in the UK without a valid visa. Can my children apply for the UK visa? Are you engaged or married to a UK citizen? Your blog as been so helpful!

You should present your evidence in a way that is easy for the Home Office to read.

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Your second option is to go for a fiance visa and you will not have to travel out your country for that or get married. We use some essential cookies to make this website work. And will review the documentation against meeting the stringent visa requirements Upload. Can anyone help me on what this is and how to do it? About the details to fill up the application form, did u send it all through email? How can I submit the supporting documents?

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Walkthruvisa Ltd accepts no responsibility for the content of any third party website to which this webpage refers. What should I do if my Partner Visa application is refused? Message was in birmingham offices as well as the mir does it is very much for fiance visa? Ur blog is really straight forward and helpful. In the UK and that they will provide documents which are significant to their. Have a look and see if there is an option to print a copy before you submit.

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Hi Michelle, Happy you had success on your application. Regardless of if you already have a visitor visa, you children must apply separately. For the income requirement will arrange for visa uk? How does the process work?

  • Ahmed, the Home Office will look at the evidence you submitted at the time of application, so this should not cause a problem.
  • Thank you so much for this useful guide, you helped me and my fiancĂ©e to get through the application and now we are on the waiting process.

However if you need to come to the UK in order to marry you should apply for the fiancee visa, which requires you to marry within six months of entry to the UK.

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We sent all the info and documents to her, and she organised them and filled out the visa application form for us online. The documents, via this method, cannot be posted in the mail. They will not have to apply with you on any future FLR M and settlement applications. Why you should understand the law and procedure. You just call and say that you want to book the venue for the civil wedding. How you meet the accommodation requirement. UK once the visa has been granted.

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Who would want a rejected entry stamp on their passport? Spousal Visa as soon as possible and then start working. So, in these circumstances, lodging an appeal could be quicker and cheaper in the long run. Looking forward and thanks for everything you do! What supporting documents will I need for a Marriage Visitor visa application? Many congratulations Steve and to your wife! Thank you for your precious information.

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This is sometimes quite difficult to get because proof normally comes in the form of a bank statement or utility bill. If you have doubts, google what it means unmaried partners. Again, the USCIS, NVC and US Embassy wash their hands after your case is approved or denied. Me as an applicant has to take for appointment? Instead, the UKVI can ask for it when it is processing your visa application. Because your friend referred you, your application with Boundless is discounted. This means we will copy your check and use the account information on it to electronically debit your account for the amount of the check. On the date you pay UKVI.

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Find more on our latest blogs, news, videos and events. A Very Useful Spouse Visa Application Guide Truth Legal. You will have to prepare for all of it though with all supporting documents for the interview. Hi ladies, thank you so much for kindly helping me. They are very meticulous and will question all information that you submit. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. For a resident of all of the uk fiance uk?

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For example, in respect of employment income this includes bank statements, payslips and a letter from your employer. For other visas, like spousal, they will send instructions. To me, it was most important that you were well prepared and had all the documents ready. This has been pretty consistent over the years. The wait is going to be agonising, I know, but there are no two ways about it. This site has been a great help to me.

She asked me questions like a normal interview with no stress xz she asked me to relax.

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The form instructions say you must have met in person at least once within two years before filing the petition.

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They must be able to show that they are in a genuine relationship with you, do not have a poor immigration history or criminal record and that they can satisfy the financial requirements.

Personal Independence Payment, then you would be exempt from the financial requirement, you would simply be required to show that you and your wife have funds to adequately maintain yourselves in the UK.


  • Some embassies offer a priority service for payment of an extra fee.
  • Thank you for providing such a detailed description of the process.
  • He ensured that there was little to no room for error.
  • Consider writing a statement giving background information about the relationship.

In any case, where do you have to travel for the interview? Should we explain this in my application or would I automatically be rejected on that basis? UK until we change my visa status after our wedding.

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Alternatively, I can go there in January, just for the nikah. You have been notified of a deportation order in your name. Now getting on with wedding planning in London. NVC and call them periodically to get any updates. NEW PROCESS FOR SUBMITTING SUPPORTING.

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